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Clean Rooms, Great Meals, Exceptional Service and Prices You Can Afford

When you arrive at the premier tourist hotel in Cagayan de Oro your Philippines adventure begins. The Kingston Lodge Hotel more than a place to stay an experience to remember.

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The Room of Your Choice

Poolside or more secluded. Want to cook yourself or happy with room service or eating at the restaurant. Want Wifi or can live without it? One of our European appointed, spacious rooms will meet your needs. .......

Hotel Amenities

At Kingston Lodge Hotel we provide the following amenities gratis to our live in guests. Charges may apply to non resident guests for the use of these facilities; please check with our staff. WIFI Internet is available in most rooms and in the restaurant, function area, pool side, garden and nipa huts. This is generally a very fast service not affected adversely by the number of guests using the service at any time.......

Hotel Services

At Kingston Lodge Hotel we provide the following services to our guests at prices below what they would cost in the open market You want the privacy of room service or a full service restaurant. We feature Western style food, ranging from a ham and cheese toasted sandwich, to fish and chips or even Australian beef steak, potatoes and everything. Give us notice and we can even prepare you roast lamb and Yorkshire pudding. What's more it actually looks and tastes like Western food. For the more adventurous or your guests we also have an extensive and authentic menu of traditional and contemporary Filipino food........ Our beverage menu ranges from brewed coffee to Chivas Regal. All food is prepared in our completely rebuilt modern and hygienic kitchens by staff members trained in safe food handling.

Restaurant Menu

Give your taste buds a memorable experience, a mixture of old favorites and new creations, from around the world and here in the Philippines, cooked to perfection, by our trained staff. This full service menu is available from 6.30 am - 9pm daily. Partake in your room, by the pool, or in the restaurant

I first came to the Kingston Lodge Hotel about five years ago with my wife to be Cathy. We slept in a clean well appointed room and ate excellent food in an open air restaurant. The Filipino staff are the most professional I have met anywhere in the Philippines. After our stay of three days, we paid a bill that was about one quarter of what we would have paid in Australia. We have returned on frequently since then and will continue to do so because we love value for money and the friendly atmosphere Mike and Cathy Bannister Australia